Hydraulic Puller

1.1 SQ-YQ30
Essential parameter :
Maximum linepull (kN): 30
Continuous linepull (kN): 25
Maximum linespeed (km/h): 5
Bullwheel bottom of groove diameter (mm) : 300
Bullwheel grooves number: 7
Maximum suitable steelrope diameter (mm): 13
Maximum through connector diameter (mm): 40
Engine power/speed (kW/rm): 31/2200
Dimensions (mm): 3200*1600*2000
Weight (kg): 1500
1. Infinitely variable speed and line control, the pull in the rope can be read on the line pull gauge.
2. The max pull for conductor-stringing operation can preset, automatic over pull protection system.
3. Spring applied-hydraulic release brake acts automatically in case of hydraulic failure ensure to safety.
4. Attached reel winder with automatically level wind, load and unload conveniently.
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Hydraulic tensioner

2.1 SA-YZ30A
Essential Parameter:
Maximum Tension (kN): 30
Continuous Tension(kN): 25
Maximum Speed (km/hr): 5
Bullwheel bottom of groove diameter (mm): 1200
Number of grooves : 5
Maximum Pullback (kN): 20
Maximum suitable conductor diameter (mm): 32
Engine power/speed (kw/rpm): 11/2200
Dimensions (mm): 3560*1600*2220
Weight (kg): 1700
1. Bullwheel with wear proof MC nylon lining segments.
2. Infinitely variable tension control and constant tension conductor stringing.
3. It adapts Italian reducer.
4. Spring applied hydraulic released brake acts automatically in case of hydraulic failure to ensure safety.
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