Self Moving Robotic Traction machine:
Use to spread OPGW, replace old conductor
Essential technical parameter ;
block passed diameter range : 9 mm ~ 26 mm
Maximum creeping angle : 31 Degrees
Gasoline dynamo type
Remote control linear distance : 300m ~ 500m
Dimension (mm) : 477*488*763
Running speed (m/min) : 17
Horizontal Pull (N): 350
Weight (kg): 46.5
Power Winch Machine
Apply to erecting pylon and sagging operation in line construction
2.1 Diesel Engine Powered Winch
2.2 Gasoline Engine powered Winch
2.3 There tons Dual-bullwheel Powered winch
2.4 Five tons dual-bullwheel Powered winch
Cradle Blocks
Suitable for exchanging overhead earth wire with OPGW operation
Rate Load (kN): 2
Weight (Kg): 2.2
Dimension (mm): 128*65*365
Pilot rope
We are having a wide range of ropes, subject to the requirement of the client.
Recovery Machine
Essential technical parameter
Damp brake power (N): 70
Maximum Diameter range String Block Pass (mm): 16
Dimension : 285*130*231
Weight (kg): 3
Other accessories
6.1 Grips
6.2 Safety tools and accessories
6.3 special blocks
6.4 Reels and Reel stands
6.5 Stringing Blocks
6.6 Miscellaneous